G11 acid and alkali tank wagon

G11 acid and alkali tank wagon
  G11 acid and alkali tank wagon

G11 acid and alkali tank wagon is a four-shaft axle wagon for special loading and transportation of concentrated sulfuric acid over 98% and alkali below 47% as well as other acid and alkali media by up loading and up unloading.

The under frame has a foundation frame but no side sill. The main components are welded in common low alloy steel structure.

The tank is in common low alloy steel structure of circular cylinder shape with a raised head. On the top are a switching manhole, a 3'' acid and alkali drainage line up to the tank bottom and a 2'' air- supply line.

External heating device: It adopts open heating method. In the center of the tank, a transversal 2'' hot aire main pipe sends the steam with pipe static pressure less than 5kgf/cm2 into the steam jacket in the bottom half part to heat and defreezing the acid and alkali within the tank. In the positions of 1 and 4 of the top of the steam jacket 3/4'' escape locks are set and in the bottom 3/2'' escaoe routes at the ends are set both in a respective way.

Braking device is of 120 valve with anti-theft equipment.

Coupler is in mumber 13 top operation coulper and buffer device in MX-1 rubber draft gear.

8A bogie is adopted.

G11 acid and alkali tank wagon


Main technical parameters

Loading capacity(t)
Tare weight(t)
Coefficient of care weight(t)
Total capacity of tank(m3)
Effective capacity of the tank (m3)
Axle load(t)
Load per meter of track(t/m)
Operating pressure of the tank(Mpa)
Intervals between coupling lines(mm)
Track gauge (mm)